Casa Córdova y Murga, situated at the entrance of Cafayate town, hosts the valley’s oldest winery.

Its origin dates back to last midcentury, and throughout its history it has been Salta inhabitants’ traditional wine, given the quality of its products as well as its manufacturing crafts tone. Its vineyards’ justified fame is the result of its location. It is a Mesopotamia flanked by the Esteco stream and Chusha river, where a dry and sunny environment blends with underground humidity higher than the rest of the valley, which determines the different soils and vines behavior. The Torrontés wines have a higher solar exposure due to their location on the high slopes, whereas our red wines French vineyards flow along sediment-rich lowlands with mean temperatures. In all cases, the vineyard production has been limited, looking for a balance where the extracts, acidity and aroma, and flavors conjugate in each variety’s optimal grade. The result is an exceptional raw material, a critical condition for great wines.