Mendraka | Bizkaiko Txakolina

Txakolina (which comes from the Basque language and is pronounced CHAK-o-lean-a) is a white wine that plays with the balance between dryness and acidity.  The Txakolina in our collection comes to us from the Mendraka winery. Their vineyard plots are on the slopes at an altitude of 245-300 metres above sea level. These conditions ensure that the grapes reach optimum ripeness, due to the constant sunshine, the slope of the land and ventilation.

REGION | Bizkaia, Spain

VARIETIES | 100% Hondarribi zuri zerratua

TASTING NOTES | It has an intense, sharp and very fresh aroma, reminiscent of white fruits (apple and pear), citrus and white flowers. In the mouth it is oily, with the typical acidity present in the Txakolina. The lasting retro taste has the acidity characteristic of the local variety Hondarrabi Zuri zerratua.

PAIRING | Seafood, pasta, Thai, and other spicy dishes.


The Basque region in Spain is the only region in the world to produce this wine making it one of the most unique wines in our collection!

This wine is available in Pennsylvania at select restaurants and by special order through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  To order this wine please contact a representative at Pedro’s Wine Collection.