Artimino | Vin Santo of Carmignano Occhio di Pernice

VINTAGE | 2009

REGION | Tuscany, Italy

VARIETIES | Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Aleatico, Trebbiano toscano, Malvasia Bianca lunga, San Colombano, and others.

VINIFICATION AND AGING | Grapes are harvested by hand and dried for 4 months then aged in oak barrels  for at least 4 years. 

TASTING NOTES | A rich golden amber color with a warm and intense bouquet  of dried figs, toasted almonds and walnuts that emerge in the full-bodied flavors that combine to create a sweet, soft, velvety, well-rounded finish.

PAIRING | Recommended medium sized tulip glass for serving with chocolate cakes, and sweet dishes. Great for dunking biscotti in.


Vin Santo is also called holy wine, so named because priests have drunk it during the Mass for centuries.


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